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Kevin Ward is a leadership coach and consultant who helps leaders and their teams create strategies that move them forward.

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Meet Kevin

Kevin is an experienced executive and founder of The Forward Group, a boutique coaching and consulting company. He has held leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits and has over two decades of experience successfully developing, coaching, and leading teams. His leadership philosophy is a dynamic blend of business and sports psychology with insights into personal and spiritual growth. His greatest reward is seeing individuals and teams reach their full potential.


Simplifying Complex Problems

Kevin uses a human-centered, adaptable approach to make complex problems solvable. His engaging, curious personality quickly creates a safe place for open, honest dialogue. You won’t feel like you are being coached; the conversation will be effortless, yielding great results. He doesn’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach but instead focuses on the unique needs of each client. This approach enables the client to overcome their greatest challenges and ultimately reach their goals.

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Individual Coaching

Kevin creates a safe space with his clients that builds trust. Values are recognized and blind spots are revealed, allowing the client to be confident in their ability to see what’s possible and understand what it will take to reach their full potential. He doesn’t tell you what to do; he leads you to your own answers and then helps you create the conditions for you to be successful. He holds you accountable while cheering you on.

Team Coaching

Kevin, a former athlete himself, knows the power of a team is unmatched. Having worked with with dozens of businesses and sports teams, Kevin understands the complexities that emerge when a group of individuals come together. He uses this diverse experience to help teams identify and move past obstacles by leveraging their uniqueness as a competitive advantage to win.

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Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment

Kevin is a Quality Administrator (QA) for the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI), which assesses intercultural competence at the individual and organizational level. The results provide a position along a developmental continuum, indicating a target for the next stage of growth.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Kevin offers customized trainings that are specific and unique to your organization’s needs. This could include creating cultural awareness or addressing unconscious biases and microaggressions; Kevin will work with you to determine the approach that best meets your needs.

Public Speaking

Kevin uses his experience as an athlete, executive, and coach to inspire audiences and motivate them to move forward toward their goals. He is available to speak at schools and universities, fundraisers, and community events.

what clients are saying

""Kevin was not only instrumental in helping us turn around an underperforming team/business, his coaching helped to save one of our key leaders.”

VP, Coca-Cola

""Kevin’s innate ability to listen thoughtfully, dissect issues and root causes, and recommend tangible actions that drive positive results sets him apart from others."

Global Strategy, 3M

""Kevin was able to effectively use real world business examples and sport examples, helping us to see the impact in our leadership in corporate America or sports.”

MBA Student, University of Michigan: Ross School of Business

""We had one of the highest evaluation scores as a result of Kevin’s informative, engaging, and inspiring PLAYMAKERS training.”

Director, Proctor & Gamble

""I would 100% recommend working with Kevin! Conversations with Kevin always bring clarity and peace of mind on what the best next step is."

Continuous Improvement, Cargill

""Kevin was a delight to work with on our cultural awareness journey. He opened our eyes to aspects of our work culture, including communication and interactions with others, that are vital to the growth of our organization."

Cheryl & Jay
Relationship Management, Riverbridge

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